About Ian Balina

Ian is the founder and CEO of Token Metrics, a data analytics platform for crypto that helps investors leverage machine learning to become smarter investors. He has appeared in CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur Magazine for his analytics, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship work.

Ian holds a master's degree in computer engineering and was formerly North American Analytics Evangelist at IBM Watson. He has created a data-driven moneyball-style approach to investing in crypto assets known as Token Metrics. In 2017, Ian used the Token Metrics analytics framework to turn $20,000 into over $5 million by investing in cryptocurrencies.

Ian is also a General Partner at Token Metrics Ventures, a multi-strategy crypto investment fund.


CNBC: Token Metrics CEO, Ian Balina, discusses why Ethereum could outperform Bitcoin in the future.

Founder and CEO of Token Metrics

AI-driven crypto research platform which turns data into actionable investment insights, to help you beat the market.

Ian Balina Token Metrics CEO

“Before Token Metrics came along, retail investors were locked out of high-level tools that hedge funds and institutional wealth managers use every day. We want to democratize powerful quantitative methods and AI technology to unleash financial empowerment for all humanity."

Author - Crypto Investing Guide

This book is your one-stop shop on building a deadly working knowledge of the crypto markets and our ideas on how to play them profitably. It's time for the wall of technical smoke and mirrors around crypto to come down, and this book represents an experienced technical team sharing its hard-won knowledge as accessible as possible. 

Keynote Speaker

He gained financial freedom while publicly documenting his investments through a free investment spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was accessed by more than one million investors per month, and has now evolved into Tokenmetrics.com, one of the most popular crypto investing research platforms. Originally from humble means in Kampala, Uganda, Ian is dedicated to giving back through his philanthropic efforts with Children of Uganda and Black Girls Code.