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Josef Rakich Interviews Ian Balina on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and ICOs

In Auckland, New Zealand, I link up with fitness influencer Josef Rakich and share my journey and experience in cryptocurrency investing. I also got to hang out with him and his cousins, who hosted me while in Auckland. Glad to have them as a Crypto Family. What’s a “Crypto Family”? Crypto Family, the concept of traveling anywhere in the world and having a family to adopt…

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Ian Balina on Crush the Street – Financial Revolution of Blockchain

I recently appeared on Crush the Street to discuss the financial revolution of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain technology. Hope you like the interview. TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW 01:05 Embracing Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Blockchain 04:35 The long-term trajectory of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies 08:50 ICOs and the potential to make large gains on Investments 12:00 Trustworthy tokens 15:25 Potential use cases of Blockchain Technology 17:05…

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How to Become a Sales Engineer

I had the pleasure of appearing on The Engineering Career Coach’s podcast to share my path to becoming a Sales Engineer. Check out the full podcast interview here: How to Become a Sales Engineer Here are the key points discussed on becoming a Sales Engineer: It’s important being able to take an idea and sell it. There’s really no cap on how much money you can…

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Having a Full-time Job While Being Entrepreneurial

Got something to share with you guys. I appeared on Nick Kho’s Mastermind Show a few months ago. In this video, I discuss what it’s like working in the corporate world while being entrepreneurial. Hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts.

How to Make 6 Figures Income Interview

I had the pleasure of appearing on The Reed Harvey Show, to go over my Hacking Six Figures post. In this podcast interview, you will learn the following: How to make a six figure income in your twenties Hacks to increase your income when you are away from home How you can use your car to make money How to make money from selling on Amazon…

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How to Turn a Hobby into a Business

It’s with great pleasure, I share this awesome guest post I did for The Startup Bros, on How to Turn a Hobby into a Business. This is necessary reading for anyone who has ever wanted to start a side hustle. I share how I turned my hobby of making videos, into a video production company, which made me up to $7,000 a month on the…

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