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Building a Six Figure Lifestyle Interview

Tim and I flip roles for a second interview. This time, Tim interviews me on my journey to building a six figure lifestyle and about the concept of a Made Man. Apologies for some of the background noise, the perks of filming outside by the Jefferson Memorial…that view tho!!! Be sure to check out Tim’s site, Spirited Travelpreneur. Tim: Hey guys, welcome back to the…

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How to Become a Better Public Speaker

There’s an old joke that cracks me up every time. It goes something like this: A tourist is backpacking through Scotland, and he stops at a pub to get a beer. The man orders a pint and sits in silence for a while. Suddenly, one local stands up and shouts, “Fifty-seven!” and the entire pub bursts into laughter. A minute later another man yells “Forty-one!”…

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The Concept of the Made Man

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” – Nietzsche The first thing you’re probably wondering is, why am I using the term Made Man? Isn’t that a mafia term? Yes and no. Yes, it’s a concept used by the mafia, however, it’s a concept that can be applied to a personal transformation. Another dictionary definition for Made…

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