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How to Make $100,000 a Year in Your 20s

I had life all figured out when I was a kid. My plan was pretty straightforward: I was going to become a billionaire and famous after I graduated college. Then, I was going to give back to Africa. A layup, right? Well, so I thought. You see, when you’re a kid, everything seems possible. You dream about discovering your abilities to control others with your…

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How to Sell on Amazon For Beginners

How to sell on Amazon is a question a lot of people looking to make some extra money ask. Consider this the definitive guide on how to sell on Amazon for beginners. I have been selling on Amazon for almost two years now. I have a fashion documentary on Amazon Video, physical products on Amazon FBA and books on Amazon Kindle and Audible. I have…

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How to Make Money Renting Your House on Airbnb

Picture this: You hop on a flight for spring break vacation. You spend one week soaking up the sun and enjoying the good life. You meet new people, taste delicious foods, and party with other people from all over the country. You return home and, for the first time in one week, you check your bank account. Surprisingly, your balance has grown while you’ve been…

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