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Do you offer coaching services?

I don’t offer coaching services, nor do I intend to at the moment. However, I do have a private Mastermind Group, that you can join here.

Do you have any products I can purchase?

Yes, my book, The Complete Freelancer Guide, is available for purchase in hardcover, paperback, ebook and audiobook form on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Can I help you make money?

Yes, I have put together a resources page that’s a great place to start. These are all resources that I utilized during my journey to making six figures.

I also share my cryptocurrency trades via Twitter and Instagram Stories, and in my Mastermind Group.

Will you invest in me or my business?

I am not looking to invest in anything at the moment, except for cryptocurrencies. I will not invest in any cryptocurrency projects (ICOs), if you do not have a white paper and working prototype.

Will you promote or do a video for our cryptocurrency project or ICO?

Please use this form to contact me regarding doing videos or promotions for your project.

Where can I download your ICO spreadsheet?

You can get access to my ICO spreadsheet here.

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