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Use this contact form if you have a question that is not answered in the FAQs below.


Are you available to advise us on our ICO?

I am currently advising two ICOs at the moment. I am available to advise one more ICO in a limited capacity, depending on the team. Use the contact form below.

Do you offer coaching services?

I have a private mastermind group and video chats, available to my Patreon supporters here.

Do you have any products I can purchase?

My book, The Complete Freelancer Guide, is available for purchase in hardcover, paperback, ebook and audiobook form on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Can you help me make money?

I have put together a resources page that’s a great place to start. These are all resources that I utilized during my journey to making six figures.

I also share my cryptocurrency trades via Twitter and Instagram Stories, and in my Mastermind Group.

Will you invest in me or my business?

I am not looking to invest in anything at the moment, except for cryptocurrencies. I will not invest in any cryptocurrency projects (ICOs) if you do not have a prototype and all-star team. See my YouTube reviews for my investment criteria.

Will you promote or do a video for my cryptocurrency project or ICO?


Where can I download your ICO spreadsheet?

You can get access to my ICO spreadsheet here, in PDF form only.

I missed signing up for your Patreon. Can I be added to a sold out Patreon tier?

Unfortunately, not at this moment. Do not email me regarding this. All emails regarding this will not receive a response.

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