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Do you offer coaching services?

No, I don’t offer coaching services, nor do I intend to at the moment. As documented on this blog, I have multiple side hustles, including a day job. I’m not interested in online coaching, as I can coach multiple people at the same time via my writings, videos, and podcast. I may produce a FREE online course in the future.

Do you have any products I can purchase?

No, besides my books, I don’t have any products for you to purchase. I am not looking to make money off a webinar, or course on how to make six figures. I started this website because I want to give the game away for FREE.

Can I help you make money?

Yes, I have put together a resources page that’s a great place to start. These are all resources that I utilized during my journey to making six figures.

Will you invest in me or my business?

I am not looking to invest in anything at the moment.

Do you still film video for Fusion Video?

No, I have closed down Fusion Video producers and no longer produce videos for clients. I am focusing on, and only create videos for this site from now on.

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